Thyroid Cancer Awareness With Suzanne

Thyroid Cancer Awareness With Suzanne

Do you know the symbolism of a necklace? It is worn as a sentiment of something you want to keep close to your heart.  A few weeks ago, I was given a gift that brought up the story of my thyroid journey and became my sentimental necklace!

To know Heather Pullis is to love her.  She is talented, beautiful, and extraordinarily kind.  I am honored to call her my friend.  She was the giver of my sentimental piece. Heather created the most beautiful necklace for me. I told her how special it was because it had only been recently that I started to wear necklaces again.  She looked at me and asked me why?  I lifted my chin and showed her the large scar from my thyroid cancer surgery.  I had stopped wearing necklaces because it drew attention to my scar.  All that changed one day when a customer came in and told me, “be proud of that beautiful scar.  Your scar is someone else’s hope.” It made me really think about the journey that resulted in my scar and how truly it was a beautiful part of me.  

Over 20 years ago I woke up one morning paralyzed.  I was rushed to the hospital and so began my years and years of being a medical mystery.  I was sent from doctor to doctor, told I had MS, a stroke, myasthenia gravis, Lupus, the list went on and on.  I was put on numerous medications in hopes that something would help my  long list of symptoms. 

It was a difficult time in my life because on the outside you did not see the struggle going on inside.   To put one foot in front of the other was difficult but I had small children and businesses so I pushed forward.

It was not until one day I took myself off all the medications and I started to keep journals and be my own advocate.  I went to my primary doctor and asked her to please check my thyroid one more time as it had been checked many times prior with no abnormalities. She begrudgingly agreed to test it. This time when the bloodwork came back not only was my thyroid panel off but so was my kidney panel, my liver panel, and a few days later we found it had affected my heart as I was admitted to the heart hospital for a-fib. 

I finally had my answer…My initial diagnosis was Graves’ and thyroid eye disease.  It progressed within two years to cancer and to me finally having a total thyroidectomy, hence my beautiful scar.  People always say you got the good cancer but no cancer is good cancer.  It is highly curable yes, but thyroid issues will cause more chaos in your body than you can imagine.  Everyone’s journey is different.  Thyroid disease is a lifelong battle but it makes you vigilant, it makes you empathetic, and it makes you want to help anyone who is on that same road you travel.

September is thyroid cancer awareness month.  Heather Pullis Jewelry has graciously offered to donate 20% of all online necklace sales and any necklace sales made at HB Corner Market to the American Cancer Society. 

Thank you for helping to support this amazing charity and the work that they do.  If you or someone you know “wears” a beautiful scar get them a necklace so they too can have that sentimental journey necklace close to their heart🤍


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