Creating The Look

Location Day
Location, jewelry, models, creating the look, praying that it will come out the way you imagined it would. Having a mood board prior so everyone knows how the shoot will look! These are just a few things that run thru my brain while planning for a shoot. Maybe you have or haven’t wondered what goes into a shoot / location day? 
Here’s how my day starts when we are going on location. Wake up and jump on my Peleton at 5:30 am, hot water with lemon, read daily devotion, pick up around the house, shower and head into the office by 7:00 and grab an espresso at my local spot. Office time starts with a walk thru of the showroom making sure all the jewelry is organized and sparkling, off to read emails and check marketing for the day. Then shoot set up…. Pull pieces from the showroom, our last shoot was cruise which is between winter and spring so we did some labradorite with pearls along with sterling and gold. Tray all the jewelry, cut tags, catalog the jewelry, supplies for the shoot ie tape, pins, rubber bands etc, reconfirm the models along with what they will be wearing, hair, makeup, pack up and head to the shoot. Once there this is always a task as this one was on the beach. Unload the cars, trek down to the beach with all the jewelry cases and set up supplies, lay out blankets, put up a tent for models to change, put up a white back drop, unpack all the jewelry and start to layer it on the models. Shoot starts, always tape and pins in hand to make nothing move, wind is blowing things are moving! While the photographer is taking shots, we also shoot pictures which is extra but awesome because it gives us those behind the scenes looks we can use for social and our VIP list. This goes on for hours… Always looks fun, but is a ton of work! The best part is when you get the pictures back and see what has been accomplished for a crazy busy fun day on location! I couldn’t be more grateful to be able to do the job I do and go to the places we do because of the work! Thank you for coming along on our day of location! 🖤

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