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She's Shy But Confident - Meet Heather Pullis
Careers are a funny thing, aren’t they? I would love to say I planned out my journey in my professional life, but that would be a lie. It all started in San Francisco, I went to USF as a Journalism major and did internship after internship! I worked at the school newspaper as the Entertainment Editor, I was the GM of the campus Radio Station, I did an internship in PR at Fat Records and also interned at the largest Alternative Radio Station in San Francisco Live 105. When I graduated from USF I became the Assistant Rock Editor of Gavin Report, those were some fun days interviewing and listening to everything Rock. After about a year and a half of working at Gavin Report, it went under. What to do? I got an interview with Geffen Records and made my way to Los Angeles working in the Alternative Promotion Department. After a few years Geffen was sold to Universal and I moved onto Warner Bros. Records in the Alternative Promotion Department, then eventually onto DreamWorks Records where I met back up with most of the crew I worked with at Geffen. The music industry was more than I could have dreamed of for starting out my career, but once again DreamWorks was sold to Universal and I was married with 3 kids, plus commuting from Newport Beach to Beverly Hills. Let’s just say that commute was not so fun. I decided it was probably time to move out of the music industry and onto something else. I had a two year contract left, so why not take some down time? Well, that didn’t happen 2007 happened and I needed to go back to work right away. What to do, what to do? I tried taking pictures, doing freelance for some online sites, but those jobs didn’t feel right. Spiritually I always felt like my work just came to me… Well Mother’s Day was right around the corner, so I went back to what I knew and created some jewelry for my Mom and Sister. I also made myself a few bracelets. I started wearing my set and one of the Mom’s at my son’s school really loved the bracelets I had. She asked me several times to make her a few, but for some reason I kept telling her I don’t really do that. Well, she got me to make her some and thankfully she did as she came back around saying people wanted to order some. She started selling bracelets out of her car and within a week she had sold over 65 pieces. Well, guess what I fell right into my next career. I started holding office hours out of my home 2x a week and sending out weekly emails to friends and family about my new jewelry line. After a couple of months working out of the house, someone ended up stealing some jewelry out of my bathroom. I was super sad, as it was some bracelets charmed with spiritual pieces I had since I was a baby from Spain. My husband said it was time for me to get a studio, so I moved into a high rise with some great ladies where we all sold different items and it was a fabulous collaborative. After about 6 months I decided I needed my own studio, so I moved. I went from a couple days a week to 5 days then from one studio to two studios then onto a full retail location for the next 6 years and now a showroom with a warehouse on the Westside of Costa Mesa. Creating and designing have always been a passion for me. In high school I was always making and selling  jewelry pieces. When I moved to San Francisco for college I spent my 1st months rent on clothing and had to figure out how to make ends meet, so I created some jewelry for a wedding and made up the rent. The story continues from there, but I’m sure you get the drift creating and designing jewelry became not only my passion but my job. I’m grateful that after 11 years I’m still doing what I love… I hope you will check out my Collections @Heather Pullis Jewelry. Xoxo H 

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